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Historically, Ocean Hill and Brownsville, thrived with retail outlets and services of various sorts which contributed to the overall quality of life for the residents living in the neighborhood.  However, for many decades since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Ocean Hill and Brownsville has been left abandoned by fleeing businesses and experienced unprecedented decline in the existence of quality goods and services.  Many will agree that the word quality is no longer synonymous in this area of east Brooklyn.

Limited access to financial capital and small business services within the area leaves potential entrepreneurs with almost no assistance in helping to create new businesses in the neighborhood to replace fleeing businesses.  Also, contributing to the declining economic state of the neighborhood is its reputation for drug infestation and high crime rates which are normal characteristics of areas with high poverty. A 2010 poverty report by the Fiscal Policy Institute determined the poverty rate for Ocean Hill and Brownsville to be 36%, an obvious deterrent for businesses looking for new markets to setup storefront operations.

The Economic Growth and Development division seeks to reverse the problems of limited financial resources, lack of quality businesses and high unemployment rates in Ocean Hill and Brownsville.  By creating better access to economic resources, improving the variety of goods and services within the neighborhood, increasing the marketability of the neighborhood, identifying opportunities for economic development within the neighborhood, and improving the overall economic climate of neighborhood, OHBNIA plans to help improve the neighborhood economy in Ocean Hill – Brownsville.


Neighborhood Merchant Program
Provide supportive services in business development to existing businesses within the neighborhood and to help to sustain local businesses.

Business Attraction Program
Increase awareness of commercial space availability and reduce storefront vacancy within the commercial district.

Neighborhood Entrepreneur & Mentor Program
Equip potential business owners with the basic knowledge and startup resources to help them own viable businesses within the neighborhood. 

Employment Readiness Services
Offer services that will increase opportunities for long term employment and keep neighborhood residents informed of job opportunities.

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