OH|B Educational Enrichment and Opportunity

Research has shown that education is connected to the economic health of a community.  Where community members lack an educational foundation, and where there is a weak investment in education, those communities lose the capacity to grow or contribute to their communities economically.  Households with poor education are never really able to earn a viable income.  In Ocean Hill - Brownsville, nearly one-third of the population lacks a high school diploma, and the attainment of college degrees is much lower than the rest of Brooklyn. Over ninety percent of the youth population is enrolled in the public school system.  Moreover, at least twenty-one percent of young adults, ages sixteen through twenty-four, are either not in school or not working, nearly double the rate for the rest of Brooklyn.

The Ocean Hill-Brownsville Neighborhood Improvement Association takes a unique approach to improving educational outcomes in the community.  Residents will be exposed to new opportunities, schools and families will be strengthened, and youth will be empowered to pursue higher education and become leaders in the community. 

Families Dream Program
Provides mentorship to youth and their families to teach goal-setting strategies and the process of turning a dream or passion into reality.

NIA (Purpose) Leadership Academy
Identifies and develops future leaders in the community through training, internships and skill building .

Educational Partnership Initiative
Partner with schools to provide access to more resources per classroom through connecting with nationally sponsored programs like Box Tops for Education and others.

College Scholars Program
Promotes career exploration, improves college enrollment, and assists students and parents with the college application process.

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