OH|B Housing and Quality

Ocean Hill - Brownsville has huge obstacles to overcome in the way of housing development in order to achieve its economic revitalization goals.  Economic revitalization in large part depends on the amount of disposable income community members have to spend on goods and services.  In Ocean Hill - Brownsville, residents lack this disposable income for the following reasons: majority of the household income is used for rent and housing expenses; low median salaries (over a quarter of all households are at or below the poverty line); high rate of single parent households primarily headed by females who traditionally earn less across the board;  loss of overall population (which means loss of revenue) due to a lack of affordable housing; deteriorated existing housing stock; high rates of incarceration; and a lack of home ownership which decreases access to asset based financing that would allow homeowners to invest in their communities.  OHBNIA’s Housing and Quality initiative will give consideration to the impact that each of the abovementioned issues has on making improvements to the housing landscape of Ocean Hill - Brownsville. 

Tenants Rights Clinics
Develop community-based workshops to inform renters and owners of their rights and options.

Homeowner Counseling
Create a comprehensive housing policy agenda through partnering with other community organizations.

Housing Advocacy
Finance and construct affordable housing that is “green”, sustainable and safe.

Sustainable Housing Initiatives
Organize around the specific needs of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) tenants.

Financial Literacy Workshops
Provide access to financial literacy courses as they relate to housing and homeownership.


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