OH|B Social and Cultural Awareness
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Ocean Hill–Brownsville is a culturally diverse community.  In the past, the community was predominantly Jewish (Brownsville) and Italian (Ocean Hill).  Presently, the population is very different.  The community is approximately 71% Non-Hispanic Black or African American, 19% Hispanic, 3% Non-Hispanic White, 2% Asian/Pacific Islander and 5% Other.  And the community is quickly gentrifying.

With such a culturally diverse population comes a rich history.  To fully appreciate this history, one must understand and appreciate the peoples and cultures that make up the Ocean Hill–Brownsville community.  To facilitate a shared appreciation amongst residents, we endeavor to coordinate periodic tours, exhibits, discussion panels and other events that will highlight Ocean Hill-Brownsville’s unique history, while celebrating its diversity and encourage a greater sense of community.


Social and Cultural Events

  • Walking tours and historical site visits
  • Temporary photo exhibits featuring neighborhood landmarks and residents
  • Virtual Escape Events at which residents can get a virtual experience of one of the many countries represented by Ocean Hill-Brownsville’s residents

Community Talks

  • “Let’s Talk About Ocean Hill-Brownsville” Events - community discussions regarding current issues affecting Ocean Hill - Brownsville

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